Carol Jones


Carol Jones

The Rides

My name is Carol Jones. Since 1985 I organize packtrips in the vast wilderness of the NAHUEL HUAPI NATIONAL PARK. I was raised in the Estancia Nahuel Huapi, and I speak spanish and english. I'm the granddaughter of the Texan pioneer Jarred Jones, who arrived in Nahuel Huapi in 1889.
The rides take place mainly between November and April (Spring to Fall in our hemisphere), during wintertime I work on potteries. We rides through valleys, mountains up to 2000 meters high, rivers, beech forests and steppe, where the only inhabited places are the cattle-breeding ranches. They can take between 2 and 10 days, or more. Our horses are "criollos", native breed, adapted to the rough mountain countryside. Saddles are typical too, with a sheep skin on top, for better comfort. Along the trail we sleep in our tents for two people (riders must bring their sleeping-bags). We also provide the meals (meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, bread, coffee and tea, wine and juice) and the kitchen gear.


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